Why choose Our Car Insurance?

Why choose Our Car Insurance?

Our comprehensive cover has a 5 star rating from Defaqto, which means great quality cover. Here are some of the excellent features:

  • Uninsured driver promise
    You won’t pay an excess or lose your no-claims discount if your car is hit by an uninsured driver and the accident isn’t your fault.
  • Named driver no-claims discount
    Drivers named on your policy can earn their own no-claims discount if they take out an AA policy in the future.
  • AA members get extra cover
    AA members get higher levels of cover when buying a car insurance policy, eg up to £500 cover for personal belongings in your car. That’s double the amount for non-members.


Need help choosing the right car insurance?

How to Get a Free Car Insurance Quote in 15 Minutes or Less

Maybe you’ve heard something about saving 15% or more on your car insurance. Maybe you’re charmed with an eloquent little Gecko®. No matter how you found us, you’re in the right place to get a fast, free, and accurate auto insurance quote online.


Do you need full coverage or liability only? What does this mean?

If your car is new, leased or purchased with a loan, you’ll probably need “full coverage.” In case of an accident, these coverages will help protect your car and the other driver up to the limits shown on your policy.


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This is the best car insurance for you

Price is only part of what sets your Progressive auto policy apart. Practically everything is noticeably better here.

Experience the difference immediately—and continue to, the longer you’re here. Progressive grows with you and gets even better over time

Here’s why you’ll love it.

Decisions are simple

Tools in your quote guide you to the Progressive package that’s just right for you.

  • A price to fit your budget

    You can base your quote around a specific price, with Name Your Price®. When you shop this way, the package you see first is the one that’s closest to your budget.

  • Help choosing coverage

    It’s almost like saying, “Hey, insurance expert—what do you think I should buy?” You’ll see the recommended package (just enough coverage; not too much, not too little) in your quote.

  • Suggestions to fine-tune

    If you’ve created a custom package, turn on Coverage Checker® for peace-of-mind. It’ll highlight any areas of your car insurance quote where you might have too much or too little coverage, so you’re sure you have the best car insurance for you.

  • Coverage that’s immediate

    All of your new policy information is stored online. So there’s no waiting five to seven business days—just log in to print your ID cards. Add the Progressive App to your phone, too…that puts it all in one convenient spot.

More than a little card

At every turn, you’ll get more than you expected.

  • People you can count on

    The lights are always on here. Call or go online anytime. And if you have a claim, you’ll find peace-of-mind in little touches like guaranteed repairs and being able to simply drop off your damaged car at a Service Center and pick it up when it’s ready.

  • Recognition for your loyalty

    You earn perks like accident forgiveness as you reach milestones in Progressive’s loyalty program.

  • Savings beyond insurance

    You get special vehicle-related perks through Progressive, like discounts on car rentals and car washes. It’s like having a special little coupon book.

  • More as you need it

    Things change. People get married, move, replace cars, have kids. Your car insurance policy can easily adapt to new situations. Update or add to it, easily.